The world is alive with spiritual messages. Most people will never hear them because they do not know how to listen. God sends His love and His spirit to us in the form of a crashing wave, the song of a bird, the flight of a butterfly, the brilliance of the moon reflected upon still waters.

Stop and listen. Take time from the chaos of you lives to see God and to listen to God as He reveals himself through the beauties and wonders of His Creation.

Go into the wilderness to pray and meditate. There God will give you the gift of understanding. You will feel His love for you and all of His children while wrapped in the glory of Eden. Once you have received the gift of receiving spiritual messages from God you will go into all the world and proclaim God's goodness.

You will become missionaries, spreading God's message of peace and love and kindness and understanding. You will bless God by your message of stewardship to all the world. You will begin to change the hardened hearts of the money worshippers who would wound the spirit of God by plundering His great works.

When all humans once again learn to listen to God and the spiritual messages He sends to us in the presence of Creation untrammeled then we will no longer pollute His waters, clear-cut His forests, foul His air, or cause the extirpation of His animal children.

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